SEAL Team 666

Weston Ochse
SEAL Team 666 Cover

The Supernatural SEAL Team


This was a pretty quick read for me and enjoyable. The premise: there is a more covert US Navy SEAL team with the designation of 666. They protect America from supernatural threats the way the other SEAL teams protect America from foreign threats. Enter protagonist Jack Walker, just meager weeks away from completing his training to become a SEAL, he is thrust into this ultra-top secret group that has been around since before the formation of the nation. Everyone with the clearance to even know about the team and want they do seem to treat the supernatural with nonchalance, including the new recruits who join. In Walker's case, it is because he was possessed by a demon as a child. In the case of Yaya, the new guy after Walker, its because he's Muslim, and as we all know, Muslims believe in the supernatural, I guess. The climax seemed stunted, too, like it wasn't realized fully. But I don't want to badmouth the book. I enjoyed it. Ochse tries to give each member of the team his own distinct personality and niche within the group, including Hoover, the canine member of the squad. And she is a full-fledged member, too, not a mascot, and gets knee-deep in combat with the rest of the crew. In the end, despite some flaws, it makes me interested in checking out the rest of the series.