The Fold

Peter Clines
The Fold Cover

The Fold


A sci-fi mystery thriller that was quite enjoyable - especially the first 2/3s.

The book starts with a guy arriving home from a business trip, holding a gun on his wife, and calling 911. About 2/3s through we learn the why of that. But then the book settles into the story. Mike is visited by his long, long time friend who works for a federal government agency that gives and monitors research projects of interest to the feds. Mike, one of the 3 smartest people in the world, teaches English to high school juniors in a small Maine town. He really isn't interested in his buddy's attempts to get him to work for him but this time the offered job has him very interested.

So Mike heads to San Diego where a group of scientists are working on a Star Trek like transporter. And it seems to all be working fine, except the group will not tell anyone how the process works other than it involves folding space so the distance between two points is greatly decreased. Soon after Mike arrives, there is an "accident" that causes great concern on the viability of the transporter. And then things go really, really wrong.

The first 2/3s to 3/4s is great as Mike uses his eidetic memory to figure out what's going on. Then it gets a more like a grade B horror movie in the last quarter of the book.