Robert J. Sawyer
Hybrids Cover



As far as series endings go, this book was not that bad. I really had very little hope for this book after finishing the second book in this trilogy, Humans. But I found the first one entertaining enough to see how this train wreck was going to end. And this was an ending, and Mr. Sawyer did try to address at least one of my complaints about the second book. In this third book, we see the darker side of the Neanderthal justice system, it is only good if people report a problem, so what is done behind closed doors is left there unless it is reported. This means that all the comparisons made to 1984, are a tad unjustified. In That novel, big Brother was literally watching all the time, not so the case here, where if there was a complaint the authorities just go back and look at the episode in question. This was touched on in the first novel.

The concepts behind the basis of Neanderthal society still gives me a shudder and a fear in the pit of my stomach. The constant observation, and the eugenics enforced by the "Grey Council" is horrific, and I bothered me that the author saw this as not only a viable, but superior choice of living.

I am a Christian, and to be one I have Faith. Although the author dedicated a large portion of the book to Mary's crisis of faith, I found it boring and unnecessary. Oxford dictionary defines faith as:

1 Complete trust or confidence in someone or something
2 Strong belief in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual conviction rather than proof

Basically you either believe or you don't. That is what faith means, and to me Mary's faith was not strong to begin with. She gave lip service to her Christian beliefs, but when tested, in my opinion she was found lacking. Which is fine, not everyone is happy or comfortable with religion. Obviously the author was not.

I'm giving this book 2.5 stars, it was better than the second book, but was it good, No.