Nightside the Long Sun

Gene Wolfe
Nightside the Long Sun Cover

Nightside the Long Sun



That doesn't mean Nightside is a very good book. As with all Wolfe I've read, the same list of adjectives -- bizarre, strange, baffling, different, mythical, mysterious and oddball -- springs to mind. And harsh, and deadpan. Nightside is set in a giant generational space ship, of the spinning cylinder Rendezvous With Rama-type. It was sent from a far, far future Earth (or Urth, or the Whorl) to some distant planet. Yet Nightside doesn't register as SF at first -- as in The New Sun, the inhabitants of its world don't understand their surroundings, aren't even aware they are on a spaceship, and are not able to repair or even understand the technology -- AI entities in the Mainframe that sometimes appear on screens are worshipped as gods. The ship has been flying for ages, and its origins are mostly lost to the book's characters.

Nightside takes a long time to set things up, (...)

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