Every Heart a Doorway

Seanan McGuire
Every Heart a Doorway Cover

Every Heart a Doorway


Read this novella fairly quickly, so I will get it back to the library for the 88 people who are next in line. I liked the creative characters and environment, but they didn't seem to move forward much in this relatively short mystery. The solution to which was, unfortunately, easy to guess.

The majority of the book is told from Nancy's point of view, except for a chapter two thirds of the way through that settles on another character. The monologues work here because the actors are telling new girl Nancy about the school, their theories, etc., and she is the character with the most growth by the end. The rest of the cast remains fairly flat.

So did I like it? It was compelling to finish and creative, but seemed to lack something - besides an ending. I'll probably come back and check it out when the series is complete.