Octavia E. Butler
Kindred Cover



This is a story about a black American woman Dana who time-travels back in time, and gets to experience the slavery at first-hand. But the supernatural element of the story is not what matters most, it is the stories of the ordinary people trying to get-by in this hostile world, their relationships, small joys and even greater griefs. It tells about how easily people get used to such kind of situations, and accept their fate. It also shows how the society and the socially-accepted rules change over time and form our views about the world.

The main character Dana gets to discover the story of her country and her ancestors. What surprised me was how seemingly easily Dana accepted her fate and the new role in the society to ensure protection of others. Survival instinct was important for her but so was the life of the other people, even the evil masters. The bond she shares with her husband also evolves in a rich and sensitive manner.

I enjoyed this story a lot, it's narration and the main character. Even though there are certain aspects that do not ring true, such as her ease at evading punishment many times as a result of her bold and brave attitude towards the slave-owners. But that does not harm the story in any way.

All in all, it is a greatly told historical fantasy about real people and their lives.