Mentats of Dune

Kevin J. Anderson, Brian Herbert
Mentats of Dune Cover

Mentats of Dune


I rated this novel "C" when I read it, so I gave it 1 1/2 Stars.

Another of those endless pseudo-Dune sequel and prequel novels which prove that even the master storyteller Frank Herbert is not totally successful at posthumous collaborations!

I rather suspect that these novels would be better if Kevin J. Anderson did them on his own, rather than collaborating with Brian Herbert. One could further speculate that the contract might insist (as in legally-binding insist) that Brian Herbert be a co-author.


A word on my rating system: 1/2 Star (my rating was D+ or lower), a BOMB; 1 Star (my rating was C -); 1 1/2 Stars (my rating was C); 2 Stars (my rating was C+)... and so on, up to 5 Stars (my rating A+).