The Memory of Whiteness

Kim Stanley Robinson
The Memory of Whiteness Cover

The Memory of Whiteness


This is a very very odd novel, and I would say not entirely successful. However, when you read all of Kim Stanley Robinson's works, and I would recommend it, then this book certainly provides another look into his development.

There is no sub-genre tag for musical science fiction! It wouldn't apply to a great number of books, but this one and Stardance (by Spider and Jeanne Robinson) come to mind. Always Coming Home (Ursula K. Le Guin), as well as some of her short stlories (e.g., The Kerastion) are also musically-oriented. I know there are a few others, but titles and authors escape me at the moment.


A word on my rating system: 1/2 Star (my rating was D+ or lower), a BOMB; 1 Star (my rating was C -); 1 1/2 Stars (my rating was C); 2 Stars (my rating was C+)... and so on, up to 5 Stars (my rating A+)