Janet Kagan
Mirabile Cover

A Light & Easy SF Read...


A collection of vignettes featuring the same basic cast of characters. These stories are told, (generally in the form of entertainments for the youngsters of the colony), by the matriarch and chief biologist of a colony established on the not always friendly world of Mirabile. So, what we have here are tales such as 'The Return of the Kangaroo Rex', 'The Loch Moose Monster', and 'Frankenswine'. All fairly entertaining and told in a humorous but occasionally too-glib manner.

Mirabile is a light & easy read where the antagonist is the environment. In a way, Mirabile comes across as a sort of "Deathworld Lite", with the exception that much of the flora and fauna is, if not outright friendly, (some is), at least ambivalent toward the colonists, as opposed to constantly trying to kill them, the way Harrison's Pyrrus was imagined.