Cat's Cradle

Kurt Vonnegut
Cat's Cradle Cover

Cat's Cradle


"No damn cat, and no damn cradle."

What it does have is humor, irreverence, pseudo science, religion, commentary on those, and a banana republic. More than 100 chapters, each concise. Worthy of the praise, awards, and each inclusion on "best reads" list.

I first read this at the house of an acquaintance. Washed out of the poker game early, I found a dusty bookshelf and grabbed something to read. It took me well into the night and the next morning, and I even skipped an invitation to jet skis to finish it. This reading was just as fast - an audio book while traveling from Spokane Valley to Tacoma to Bellevue to Seattle.

What I hadn't done is try to encapsulate this book into a review. I've already used too many words to sum up this recommended work, so I'll leave with one more quote from the novel - "Science is magic that works."