William Gibson
Neuromancer Cover



This is not light reading by any means, even for seasoned sci-fi readers. It requires effort to even follow along, much less enjoy. Part of this is due to Gibson's unique writing style, which is very abbreviated and choppy. Part is due to the excess use of techno-babble and slang. I found the book difficult to finish; it was hard not to just tune-out and skim through whole chapters at a time.

The plot is enjoyable, albeit hard to understand on the surface. Case is a well-drawn character. The fate of the AI's at the end is memorable. I wish more could have been done with the character of Molly (she has tremendous literary potential and is so much more interesting than Case, but Gibson hardly scratched the surface).

However, if you are willing to work through the challenging presentation, it is worth reading. Gibson has created the seminal work of cyberbunk, and it forms the foundation and basis of countless other books, comics, TV, and movies (the most obvious being The Matrix).