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The Eight Doctors

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 1

Terrance Dicks

The Eighth Doctor succumbs to a trap left by the Master and loses his memories. The TARDIS takes him to meet all his former selves in order to regain them again.

Vampire Science

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 2

Kate Orman
Jonathan Blum

In the days when the Time Lords were young, their war with the Vampires cost trillions of lives on countless worlds. Now the Vampires have been sighted again, in San Francisco. The Doctor, aided by Sam, must find a way to stop them.

The Bodysnatchers

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 3

Mark Morris

The year is 1895, the place, London. Amid the fog and cold, a gang of bodysnatchers is at work. The Doctor finds himself caught up in the gruesome goings-on, and discovers that the Zygons have returned to Earth.


Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 4

Paul Leonard

A Doctor Who story in which Jo Grant is asked to join a project 1.5 million years in the past, to observe the evolution of the human species at first hand. The Doctor learns of this only when he visits Earth in 2109 and finds the peaceful Tractites - but no trace of the human race.

War of the Daleks

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 5

John Peel

Doctor Who is repairing the Tardis systems when it is swept up by the Quetzel, a garbage ship roving space. When another ship takes the Quetzel by force, the Doctor discovers that he and Sam are not the only unwitting travellers abroad - there is a strangely familiar survival pod in the hold.

Alien Bodies

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 6

Lawrence Miles

A Doctor Who novel set on an island in the East Indies, where alien forces are gathering in a lost city buried deep in the heart of the rain forest, desperate to acquire what might be the deadliest weapon in creation. The Doctor and Sam walk into the middle of the strangest auction in history.


Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 7

Peter Anghelides

The Doctor and Sam travel to a planet being made into a giant pleasure palace. Eco-terrorists are sabotaging the project because the construction crews are destroying the old civilization. The Doctor and Sam get caught up in the turmoil.

Option Lock

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 8

Justin Richards

On contemporary Earth, the Doctor and Sam discover an ancient secret society is trying to start a nuclear war. An optical mystery compounds their confusion and the mysterious US-owned Station Nine brings further problems for them to resolve.

Longest Day

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 9

Michael Collier

Having landed on the strange planet of Hirath, the Doctor and Sam become separated as they both strive to understand and help the inhabitants of a world where different time zones mean that the planet's biosphere is out of control and heading for disaster.

Legacy of the Daleks

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 10

John Peel

The Doctor is repairing the Tardis systems once again when it is swept up by a garbage ship roving space, the Quetzel. When another ship takes the Quetzel by force, the Doctor discovwers that he and Sam are not the only unwitting travellers aboard - Davros awakens.

Dreamstone Moon

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 11

Paul Leonard

Dreamstone allows people to record and play back their dreams; it can only be found on a certain moon. The Doctor and Sam travel there to prevent its destruction whilst Anton La Serre wants to know why his pleasant dreams have turned into nightmares.

Seeing I

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 12

Kate Orman
Jonathan Blum

The Doctor and Sam have been separated. Landing on Haolem, Sam finds herself employed by INC, a company that dominates the planet and one of its major employers. Sam learns that decisions and actions can be made as fast as INC employees think. Is this a workforce of computerized zombies?

Placebo Effect

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 13

Gary Russell

It is 3999. An artificial planetoid, Micawber's World, is hosting the intergalactic Olympic Games, and athletes from all the worlds in the Galactic Federation are arriving to take part. But when the Doctor and Sam arrive, the murders soon begin.

The Doctor finds himself drafted in to examine some bizarre new drugs that claim to enhance the natural potential of the competing athletes. But what is their real purpose? Why are members of the Security Forces disappearing randomly? And just why is Chase Carrington, manufacturer of the drug, so protective of his company's secrets?

Watching and waiting, at the very heart of Micawber's World, are a race of parasites the Doctor has fought before. The Wirrrn have come to the Milky Way from Andromeda, determined to spread their seed throughout a whole new galaxy, and it seems to Sam that the Doctor's hands are too full to pay their threat full attention.

This is another in the series of adventures featuring the 8th Doctor and Sam which reintroduces the Wirrrn from the 1975 television adventure The Ark in Space.

Vanderdeken's Children

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 14

Christopher Bulis

It is 3123, and traveling in the Tardis into deepest space, the Doctor and Sam find three spacecraft. One is a Ximosian warship, the other an Emindaran civilian starliner, and the third a ship of strange allen design. Both Ximosian and Emindaran crews want to discover what cargo this strange structure holds.

In attempting to discover where these vessels come from, the Doctor and Sam unearth a terrible truth. The aden ship is caught in a closed loop of time, being neither created nor destroyed, constantly circling the vortex. The Doctor wants the ship to be destroyed, but the Ximosian and Emindarans are caught in a wrestle for power, and both desire to possess the spacecraft and transform its power into a source for their own political ends.

The Scarlet Empress

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 15

Paul Magrs

Arriving on the almost impossibly ancient planet of Hyspero, a world where magic and danger walk hand in hand, the Doctor and Sam are caught up in a bizarre struggle for survival.

Hyspero has been ruled for thousands of years by the Scarlet Empresses, creatures of dangerous powers -- powers that a member of the Doctor's own race is keen to possess herself; the eccentric time traveler and philanderer Iris Wildthyme.

The Doctor and Sam themselves must escape the clutches of the dying Scarlet Empress, and they encounter many strange creatures on their travels -- bearded ladies, humanoid mock turtles, transvestite cyborgs and many more -- but in a land where the magical is possible, is anything really as it seems?

The Janus Conjunction

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 16

Trevor Baxendale

Two planets, Janus Prime and Menda, orbit a Red Giant on the edge of the galaxy. The planets lie diametrically opposite each other on either side of the huge sun -- but where Menda is rich and fertile in the light of the sun, Janus Prime's moon leaves the sun in a constant state of eclipse.

Humans are colonizing the area, and a rival group sets up on Janus Prime via a mysterious transmit system left behind by the planets' former inhabitants. But what is its true purpose?

When the Doctor and Sam arrive they must piece together a centuries-old puzzle. How can Janus Prime's moon weigh billions of tons more than it should? What is the secret purpose of the hyperspatial link? They discover a terrible weapon is hidden in the glowing sands of the planet, one that if it falls into the hands of the warring humans could destroy the galaxy.


Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 17

James Mortimore

When the people of Bellania II witness a triple eclipse of their sun, Bel -- an impossibility, as they only have one moon -- it is the beginning of the end for an entire solar system. Their sun is shrouded in night for a month -- then returns to them a younger, brighter, hotter star. But how?

100,000 years later, the Doctor and Sam arrive on Belannia IV, where 20,000 people are under threat as a catastrophe threatens -- immense gravitational and dimensional disturbances are rioting through their sector of space. Sam is swept away by desperate crowds trying to get off their world, and becomes involved in daring rescue attempts. The Doctor tries to stabilize the local gravity fields and help halt the devastation, but the TARDIS is lost to him.

Meanwhile, a religious suicide-cult leader attempts to destroy himself on the deadly heated surface of Belannia II, but he does not die. He returns stronger, and with a new religion he is determined to spread through Bel's system. His word may prove more dangerous even then the terrible forces brought into being from Bel's sun. Just what has happened to the star Bel -- and will the Doctor hive time to do anything about it?

The Face-Eater

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 18

Simon Messingham

When the Doctor and Sam arrive on Proxima II they find a settlement rife with superstition and unrest. The native Proximans are inexplicably dying out, and humans too are being killed in horrific ways, with each corpse's face being stripped bare.

Posing as investigators from Earth, the Doctor and Sam must track down the force moving through the dark catacombs beneath Proxima City.

The Taint

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 19

Michael Collier

The Tardis lands in 1963, and soon the Doctor and Sam become involved in the psychological experiments being performed by Charles Roley on former sufferers of mental illness -- he is probing the psyches of six people who believed they've been possessed by the devil.

While the Doctor is horrified to learn the full extent of the side-effects brought into being by Roley's research, Sam heads off to experience the swinging London of her parents' youth. Instead she finds deadly danger at the hands of a sinister half-man half-robot double act whose agenda is inextricably linked to Roley's test subjects.


Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 20

Justin Richards

The Doctor, Sam and Fitz land on the Vega station, a pleasure center given over to gambling, shopping and the Arts. It hangs on the edge of Battrulian Space, close to the Earth colony's frontier with the Canvine, huge, wolf-like dog creatures.The Earth colony president is arriving to attend an exhibition of the 3-D reality scans in oil paintings of Toulour Martinique. But the Doctor soon discovers there is more to the paintings than meets the eye. A dark secret is hidden behind the shallow delights of the station, and it seems that it is not only the President who is marked for death but the Doctor and his friends, too.

Revolution Man

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 21

Paul Leonard

It's swinging London, 1968. The Tardis crew are investigating an anarchist set using a drug that seems of an extra-terrestrial nature and how it connects to a series of bizarre, violent events worldwide.


Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 22

Nick Walters

The Tardis travels through a wormhole in space and time that leaves it nearly dead in a Swedish forest in the present day The Doctor reasons one end of the wormhole originates from there -- but where does it lead to?

The time travelers discover a massive military presence in the area. The wormhole is a result of strange experiments in teleport -- but the other end of the time space tunnel is rooted in a bizarre land not even located in our dimension -- the Dominion. And the Dominion itself isn't under threat from a shapeless, all-pervading blackness.

Unnatural History

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 23

Kate Orman
Jonathan Blum

The Doctor regenerated in San Francisco at the turn of the millennium. When he returns there a few years later, it seems the catastrophic events that nearly sent the whole of Earth into cosmic oblivion have taken their toll. San Francisco was the anchor point, and a breach between dimensions has sprung up. All sorts of weird and wonderful creatures have turned up -- griffins, unicorns -- and things more sinister.

The Doctor's companion Sam is exposed and becomes a changed person -- literally. Her hair is dark, she has never met the Doctor in her life. With Fitz, he is able to convince her to help them put things right -- to sacrifice herself so that the old Sam may return. For stalking the turbulent streets is the sinister Unnaturalist -- a collector of genetic curios whose private collection will be much enriched by the Time Travelers.

Autumn Mist

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 24

David A. McIntee

The Ardennes, December 1994: the Nazi forces are making their last offensive in Europe -- a campaign that will come to be called the Battle of the Bulge. But there is a third side to this battle -- an unknown and ancient force that seems to pay little head to the forces of nature.

Where do the bodies of the dead disappear to? What is the true nature of the military experiments conducted by both sides?

Interference: Book One: Shock Tactic

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 25

Lawrence Miles

Five years ago, Sam Jones was just a schoolgirl from Shoreditch. Of course, that was before she met up with the Doctor and found out that he entire life had been stage-managed by a time-traveling voodoo cult. Funny how things turn out, isn't it? Now Sam's back in her own time, fighting the good fight in a world of political treachery, international subterfuge and good old-fashioned depravity.

Interference: Book Two: The Hour of the Geek

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 26

Lawrence Miles

They call it the Dead Frontier. It's as far from home as the human race ever went -- the planet where mankind dumped the waste of its thousand-year empire and left its culture out in the sun to rot.

But while one Doctor faces both his own past and his own future on the Frontier, another finds himself on Earth in 1996, where the seeds of the Empire are only just being sown.

The Blue Angel

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 27

Paul Magrs
Jeremy Hoad

This is a story about Winter...

As the Doctor becomes involved in affairs aboard the Federation Starship Nepotist, his old friend Iris Wildthyme is rescuing old ladies who are being attacked by savage owls in a shopping mall.

And, in a cat's cradle of interdimensional Corridors lies the Valcean City of Glass, whose King Dedalus awaits the return of his Angel son and broods over the oncoming war...

The Taking of Planet Five

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 28

Simon Bucher-Jones
Mark Clapham

Twelve million years ago, a war touched the Earth briefly. Now, in Antarctica, an archaeological team has discovered the detritus of the conflict. And it's alive.

Twelve million years ago, a creature evolved that was capable of consuming all life in the universe. Now someone, or something, is desperate enough to want to revive it.

Outside the ordered universe, things move. They're hungry. And something has given them the scent of our space/time.

In the far future, the Doctor has learnt of the war and feels he must intervene -- but it's more than just a local conflict of interest. One of the groups of combatants is from his own future, and the other has never, ever, existed.

Frontier Worlds

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 29

Peter Anghelides

What strange attraction lures people to the planet Drebnar? When the TARDIS is dragged there, the Doctor determines to find out why. He discovers that scientists from the Frontier Worlds Corporation have set up a base on the planet, and are trying to blur the distinction between people and plants.

Parallel 59

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 30

Stephen Cole
Natalie Dallaire

When an outpost in space begins to break up, with the TARDIS crew aboard, escape is only possible in tiny life-capsules. Fitz is bundled unconscious into one, while the Doctor and Compassion take another. Steering the capsule back to its planet of origin to try and get help, the Doctor finds a hostile welcome awaits. Fitz's capsule takes him to the apparent safety of the colony of Mechta. The Doctor decrees that Fitz's new-found utopia must be totally destroyed.

The Shadows of Avalon

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 31

Paul Cornell

The Brigadier, mourning the loss of his wife Doris, is called to help find a nuclear weapon that's gone missing over the Wiltshire Downs. The Doctor is on his way there too, to pick up his companion Compassion, after her holiday on Earth. But when the Doctor's TARDIS explodes, he, the Brigadier, Compassion and Fitz are thrown into the other-dimensional world of Avalon. Magic faces down science, dragons duel with jet fighters.

The Fall of Yquatine

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 32

Nick Walters

The year is 4991. The TARDIS is dead and Compassion is evolving into a sentient replacement for it. To avoid the Timelords, the Doctor decides to fit a Randomiser but the only place he can obtain the components is the planet Yquatine.


Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 33

Trevor Baxendale

In the eighth Doctor, Fitz and Compassion story, the Doctor materializes underground, where he and his companions are led to safety by a humanoid character, who explains that this is the planet Eskon.

The Space Age

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 34

Steve Lyons

The Doctor, Fitz and Compassion land on a bleak plain, near a derelict city where mods and rockers are converging to fight out their differences. While the Doctor is taken prisoner by the rockers, Fitz is whisked away by the mods. It is Earth, England, and the year is 2019.

The Banquo Legacy

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 35

Justin Richards
Andy Lane

In 1889 a mine owner, desperate to prevent the closure of the local mine, builds a dam. The construction of the dam disturbs a long-dormant entity and the Doctor finds himself in a race against time to combat the menace.

The Ancestor Cell

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 36

Peter Anghelides
Stephen Cole

The Doctor's not the man he was. But what has he become? An old enemy -- Faction Paradox, a cult of time-travelling voodoo terrorists -- is finally making him one of its own. These rebels have a mission for him, one that will deliver him into the hands of his own people, who have decreed that he must die. Except now, it seems, the Time Lords have a mission for him too...

A gargantuan structure, hewn from solid bone, has appeared in the skies over Gallifrey. Its origins and purpose are unknown, but its powers threaten to tear apart the web of time and the universe with it. Only the doctor can get inside... but soon he will learn that nothing is safe and nothing is sacred.

Shot by both sides, confronted by past sins and future crimes, the Doctor finds himself a prisoner of his own actions.

The Burning

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 37

Justin Richards

The late nineteenth century -- the age of reason, of enlightenment, of industrialization. Britain is the workshop of the world, the center of the Empire. Progress has left Middletown behind. The tin mine is worked out, jobs are scarce, and a crack has opened across the moors that the locals believe reaches into the depths of Hell itself.But things are changing: Lord Urton is preparing to reopen the mine; the society for Physical Research is interested in the fissure; Roger Nepath and his sister are exhibiting their collection of mystic Eastern artifacts. People are dying. Then a stranger arrives, walking out of the wilderness: A man with no name, no history.

Casualties of War

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 38

Steve Emmerson

Hawkswick Hall is a psychiatric hospital for World War I victims of shell-shock. When the Doctor arrives to investigate why certain patients are behaving murderously, mutilating local livestock and domestic pets, he concludes that an unseen evil force has unleashed their psychic suffering.

The Turing Test

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 39

Paul Leonard

Set during World War II, this story finds the Doctor caught up in the code breaking activities of the Bletchley Park workers. He is arrested after making contact with Alan Turing but inevitably ends up taking on the SS in war-torn Vienna.


Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 40

Terrance Dicks

Feliks, an acquaintance of the Doctor's, is killed in an accident. He leaves the Doctor a coded message. With difficulty, the Doctor decodes the message and finds himself caught up in the middle of a dangerous, world-threatening conflict.

Father Time

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 41

Lance Parkin

Earth in the nineteen-eighties is a battleground. Rival alien factions have travelled from the far future to pursue their vendetta. With UFOs filling the skies, a giant robot stalking the Derbyshire hills, and alien hunters searching for the mysterious Last One, the Doctor is the only man who can protect the innocents caught in the crossfire.

But old scores are being settled, the fate of a Galactic Empire is at stake and, against his will, the Doctor is drawn into a decade-long war that will strike at those he holds most dear. The Doctor has lost his memory, his friends, his past and his TARDIS. All he has now is the love of his daughter. But will even that be taken from him?

Escape Velocity

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 42

Colin Brake

Day one of the 21st century and a space race is on between rival Earth entrepreneurs. Both teams are assisted by members of an alien race called the Kulan. But the Kulan are in fact a band of ruthless invaders motivated only by a need to contact and rendezvous with the rest of their invasion fleet.


Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 43

Jacqueline Rayner

Anji Kapoor has just had the worst week of her entire life, and things aren't getting any better. She should be back at her desk, not travelling through time and space in a police box with a couple of strange men.

The Doctor (Strange Man No. 1) is supposed to be returning her to Soho 2001 AD. So quite why there are dinosaurs outside, Anji isn't sure. Sad sixties refugee Fitz (Strange Man No. 2) seems to think they're either in prehistoric times or on a parallel Earth. And the Doctor is probably only pretending to know what's going on -- because if he really knew, surely he would have mentioned the homicidal triplet princesses, the teen terrorists, the deadly android doubles (and triples) and the hosts of mad robots?

Anji's never going to complain about Monday mornings in the office again...

Vanishing Point

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 44

Stephen Cole

An Eighth Doctor, Anji and Fitz novel. The planet Khnemu is a closed system, where space travel is prohibited by the white and black holes that distantly ring the galaxy. Each person on the planet carries in their genes a hereditary 'Godswitch' which enables 'God' to monitor their every move.

Eater of Wasps

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 45

Trevor Baxendale

On 49th century Earth, mankind has developed time-travel technology, and a government security force has been set up to control illegal time jumps.

Special Agent Kala Golightly has been assigned the mission of recovering a devastating weapon that has been accidentally sent back through time. Traced to Wiltshire, 1934, the timer on this weapon is running and if Kala doesn't recover it before it activates, it will become capable of genetically re-engineering everything that comes into contact with it. In this event, Kala is under orders to detonate a nuclear device that will destroy the entire area.

Charles Rigby, resident of the small village of Marpling, discovers the device in his back garden. It is accidentally triggered and takes over some wasps whose nest was nearby. They are transformed into carriers of psionic intelligence.

The Year of Intelligent Tigers

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 46

Kate Orman

The Doctor has been staying on the planet Hitchemus for the past few months where he has been learning to play the violin from gifted young composer Karl Hassan. Hitchemus is a planet with two distinctive features -- the humans who live there have a formidable reputation for composing, playing and appreciating a wide range of music -- while its tiger population is showing unusual signs of intelligence.

Although Anji is greatly unnerved by the sight of a tiger taking a book out of a library, no one is prepared for the day when the tigers take over the planet. Their demands are unusual though -- they want to be taught to play instruments as well as the humans, and to this end kidnap all of the planet's most eminent musicians.

Why are these tigers so intellectually advanced, and can the population of Hitchemus resolve their conflict to avoid civil war? The Doctor sympathises with the tigers and humans alike, but needs to help both parties to resolve their differences before they both begin to see him as a traitor...

The Slow Empire

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 47

Dave Stone

The Slow Empire's advanced and complex technology is helping the Vortex Wraiths to materialize. The Empire's pride in its advanced communications systems has invited in a menace that could mean the end of the confederation altogether. But, as the Doctor discovers, this may be no bad thing...

Dark Progeny

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 48

Steve Emmerson

Ceres Alpha is an inhospitable planet being "developed" as a human colony in the year 2847 A.D. Colonists work in vast city machines that churn dead soil and reconstitute it with seed and chemicals to grow crops. Suddenly a dozen babies are born with alien physiology and telekinetic and telepathic powers. The Doctor realizes that an archaeologist has roused up the planet's long-dead inhabitants.

The City of the Dead

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 49

Lloyd Rose

Fitz, Anji, and the Doctor are in New Orleans in 2000 to relax, but find the city is a center for the occult as practitioners converge on an ancient graveyard. The Doctor is also having strange dreams of something is seeking him out. A bone artifact found on board the TARDIS may be the key to a chain of murders, but can the Doctor and his companions discover the true source of the evil?

Grimm Reality

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 50

Simon Bucher-Jones
Kelly Hale

The TARDIS arrives on a planet inhabited by a lost human colony that is dangerously close to an energy-emitting white hole. The Doctor and his companions are intent on discovering more about the territory, and find it is no ordinary planet. Various visitors contend for control over what will happen to this exotic shape-shifting world in the universe beyond.

The Adventuress of Henrietta Street

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 51

Lawrence Miles

At the outer reaches of the universe, where human consciousness cannot reach, time goes "soft", allowing mankind to meets its own animal and subconscious limitations in the form of the brutal baboon-like Beast. In London, and all major cities of the Napoleonic era, covens of witches are using ancient techniques to attain time-consciousness. Perceiving time in a new way, they call on the Beast.

Mad Dogs and Englishmen

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 52

Paul Magrs

In the 1970s, a retired Oxford professor wrote a fantasy opus about a world ruled by super-intelligent dogs with hands. After his mysterious disappearance, his wife published the story, sparking a huge industry of sequels and films. The Doctor knew the professor when he first started writing the tale, and knows the story is similar to a real and troubled world. Someone is trafficking contraband otherworldly history, and the Doctor must find out who.


Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 53

Mark Clapham

The Doctor's rather manic attempts to refamiliarise himself with the workings of the TARDIS result in the crew finding themselves stranded on an extremely inhospitable planet, as the TARDIS sinks through the cracking ice it landed on. This is Endpoint, the last planet in a crumbled galaxy, where hairless post-humans scrape out an existence on the noxious, barely habitable surface. In their efforts to persuade someone to resurrect the TARDIS, they encounter the real power on Endpoint, a cyborg named Silver, whose enhanced capabilities and mastery of technology mean he dictates what really happens, not only in the capital city, Hope, but on the entire planet. But he is worried: there is something going on that is beyond even his control. In increasing numbers, people are being killed on the streets of Hope. As the Doctor investigates, he discovers a hidden community below the surface of Endpoint, who are desperate enough to kill...


Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 54

Jonathan Morris

An Eighth Doctor novel with Fitz and Anji. The Doctor, Fitz and Anji are forced to land in inhospitable terrain as something disables the Tardis. Reconnaissance proves it to be a planet in revolt, with colonists trying to break free from the harsh clutches of the Plutocratic Empire. The principal weapon in this war: time itself. Soldiers continually find themselves in Time Storms: without protective clothing, they are aged to death in seconds. The Tardis crew are picked up by empire personnel, and discover the empire's hope for victory: a primitive time-travel capsule. It is undergoing tests at the moment, but the men who return from these missions return horribly changed. They're picking up a terrible infection: anachrophobia; losing their time-orientation; travelling backwards and forwards within their own lifetimes; losing their minds. The Doctor is desperate to halt the spread of the disease, but his efforts are constantly frustrated. The plague reveals that there's a lot more about the motives of all involved than anybody had imagined...

Trading Futures

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 55

Lance Parkin

On an Earth of the not-so distant future, Anji is surprised by the way the world has developed. The EU and US have become rivals, and a situation in North Africa, in which they both have interests that they wish to protect, threatens to turn into full-scale war.

The Book of the Still

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 56

Paul Ebbs

The Unnoticed are bound to keep themselves isolated from all history, or face a complete collapse from existence. The Book of the Still is a lifeline for stranded time travellers -- write your location, sign your name and be instantly rescued. When the Unnoticed learn that within the book someone has revealed both their existence and whereabouts they are forced into murderous intercession to find it. Fitz knows where it is, but then he's the one who stole it. Carmodi, addicted to the energies trapped in frequent time travellers, also knows where it is. But she's the one who's stolen Fitz. Anji, alone on a doomed planet, trying to find evidence of a race that has never had the decency to exist, doesn't know where anybody is. Embroiled in the deadly chase, the Doctor is starting to worry about how many people he can keep alive along the way...

The Crooked World

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 57

Steve Lyons

The people of the Crooked World lead an idyllic existence. Take Streaky Bacon, for example. This jovial farmer wants nothing more from life than a huge blunderbuss, with which he can blast away at his crop-stealing nemesis. And then there's Angel Falls, a racing driver with a string of victories to her name. Sure, her trusted guardian might occasionally put on a mask and menace her for her prize money, but that's just life, right? And for Jasper the cat, nothing could be more pleasant than a nice, long nap in his kitchen -- so long as that darn mouse doesn't jam his tail into the plug socket again. But somebody is about to shatter all those lives. Somebody is about to change everything -- and it's possible that no one on the Crooked World will ever be happy again. The Doctor's TARDIS is about to arrive. And when it does... That's all folks!

History 101

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 58

Mags L. Halliday

Spain, 1937. In April, the small town of Guernica was razed to the ground in a firestorm that claimed a thousand or more lives. In May, Barcelona exploded into fierce street fighting as different political factions fought for control of the city. Both events have been the subject of fierce propagandist claims by all sides, but this book examines new evidence to suggest that the two events are more closely linked than previously thought. Who were the shadowy figures working behind the scenes? Who were 'the Doctor', 'Anji' and 'Fitz' and what were their objectives? And were there really monsters roaming the streets? Presented in the form of a novel, History 101 tries to discover if the absolute truth can ever be revealed. It should be read as part of the ongoing 'Doctor Who: Eighth Doctor' history course.

Camera Obscura

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 59

Lloyd Rose

The Doctor's second heart was taken from his body -- for his own good, he was told. Removed by his sometime ally, sometime rival, the mysterious time-traveller Sabbath. Now, as a new danger menaces reality, the Doctor finds himself working with Sabbath again. From a seance in Victorian London to a wild pursuit on Dartmoor, the Doctor and his companions work frantically to unravel the mystery of this latest threat to Time... Before Time itself unravels.

Time Zero

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 60

Justin Richards

With Fitz gone to his certain death and Anji back at work in the City, the Doctor is once more alone. But he has a lot to keep him occupied. At the Naryshkin Institute in Siberia, scientists are busily at work in a haunted castle. Over a century earlier, creatures from a prehistory that never happened attack a geological expedition. Pages from the lost expedition's journal are put on display at the British Museum, and a US spy plane suffers a mysterious fate. Deep under the snowy landscape of Siberia the key to it all remains trapped in the ice. Only the Doctor can see that these events are all related. But he isn't the only person involved. Why is Colonel Hartford so interested in the Institute? Who is the mysterious millionaire who is after the journal? How is the Grand Duchess, descendent of the last Tsar, involved? Soon the Doctor is caught up in a plot that reaches back to the creation of the Universe. And beyond... Time Zero.

The Infinity Race

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 61

Simon Messingham

The Doctor is in trouble. He has his own race to win. Stuck in a parallel dimension, pursuing the mysterious Sabbath, he must unravel a complex plot in which he himself may be a pawn. Following the only lead, the TARDIS arrives on Selonart -- a planet famed for the unique, friction-nullifying light water that covers its surface. A water that propels vast, technological yachts across its waves at inconceivable speeds. All in all, an indulgent, boastful demonstration of power by Earth's ruthless multi-stellar corporations. Is Sabbath's goal to win the race? Who is Bloom, the enigmatic Selonart native? As the danger escalates, the Doctor realises that he is being manoeuvred into engineering his own downfall. Is it already too late for him?

The Domino Effect

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 62

David Bishop

Within hours one of the Doctor's friends is caught in a deadly explosion, while another appears on television confessing to the murder of twelve people. The TARDIS is stolen by forces intent on learning its secrets. When the Doctor tries to investigate, his efforts are hampered by crippling chest pains. Someone is manipulating events to suppress humanity's development - but how and why? The trail leads to London where a cabal pushes the world ever closer to catastrophe. Who is the prisoner being held in the Tower of London? Could he or she hold the key to saving mankind? The Doctor must choose between saving his friends or saving Earth in the past, present and future. But the closer he gets to the truth, the worse his condition becomes...

Reckless Engineering

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 63

Nick Walters

The history of the planet Earth has become splintered, each splinter vying to become the prime reality. But there can only be one true history. The Doctor has a plan to ensure that the correct version of history prevails -- a plan that involves breaking every law of Time. But with the vortex itself on the brink of total collapse, what do mere laws matter? From the Bristol riots of 1831, to the ruins of the city in 2003, from a chance encounter between a frustrated poet and Isambard Kingdom Brunel, to a plan to save the human race, the stakes are raised ever higher -- until reality itself is threatened.

The Last Resort

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 64

Paul Leonard

An adventure featuring the Eighth Doctor with Fitz and Anji. The heroes are used to finding themselves in different times, eras long before or long after the ones into which they were born. But when these eras come equipped with Hilton hotels and luxury theme parks, it's a different matter. In the 1950s, the Good Time Travel Company has discovered time travel in a big way - it's now time tourism, in fact - and they're not about to let go of their profits easily, no matter what some Doctor guy ssays about the fragility of the time/space continuum. But the ensuing paradoxes mean that chaos is swiftly encroaching on the happy day trips to Roman orgies. Something has to be done, before it engulfs the whole of time!


Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 65

Stephen Cole

With time running out, the Doctor finally understands why 'our' universe is unique. In proving it, he nearly destroys the TARDIS and all aboard -- and becomes involved with the machinations of the mysterious Timeless organisation. They can fix your wildest dreams, get away with murder and bring a whole new meaning to the idea of victimless crime. Soon, Fitz and Trix are married, Anji's become a mum, and an innocent man is marked for the most important death in the universe's long history. The reasons why force the Doctor into a deadly showdown in a killing ground spawned before time and space began.

Emotional Chemistry

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 66

Simon A. Forward

1812: The Vishenkov household, along with the rest of Moscow, faces the advance of Napoleon Bonaparte. At their heart is the radiant Dusha, a source of inspiration - and more besides - for them all. But family friend, Captain Padorin, is acting like a man possessed - by the Devil! 2024: Fitz is under interrogation regarding a burglary and fire at the Kremlin. The Doctor has disappeared in the flames. Colonel Bugayev is investigating a spate of antique thefts on top of which he now has a time-travel mystery to unravel. 5000: Lord General Razum Kinzhal is ready to set in motion the final stages of a world war. More than the enemy, his fellow generals of the Icelandic Alliance fear what such a man might do in peacetime. What can bridge these disparate events in time? Love will find a way. But the Doctor must find a better alternative. Before love sets the world on fire.

Sometime Never...

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 67

Justin Richards

This Week: A hideous misshapen creature releases a butterfly. Next Week: The consequences of this simple action ensure that history follows its predicted path... Sometime: In the swirling maelstrom of the Time Vortex, The Council of Eight maps out every moment in history and take drastic measures to ensure it follows their predictions. But there is one elemental force that defies prediction, that fails to adhere to the laws of time and space... A rogue element that could destroy their plans merely by existing. Already events are mapped out and defined. Already the pieces of the trap are in place. The Council of Eight already knows when Sabbath will betray them. It knows when Fitz will survive the horrors in the Museum of Anthropology. It knows when Trix will come to his help. It knows when the Doctor will finally realize the truth. It knows that this will be: Never.


Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 68

Mark Michalowski

To lose your memory once may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose it twice looks like carelessness. The Doctor's not himself. He's not quite sure who he is, but he's definitely not himself. It doesn't help that he's forgotten quite why he came to the colony world of Espero in the first place, but he's sure it was something important. Whatever the reason, he's not the planet's only visitor. Before long, he's engaged in the search for a time-bomb - a time-bomb that could have consequences not only for Espero, but for the Doctor himself - and his missing past.

The Tomorrow Windows

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 69

Jonathan Morris

There is a gala opening for a new exhibition at the Tate Modern - "The Tomorrow Windows." The concept behind the exhibition is simple - anyone can look through a Tomorrow Window and see into the future. Of course, the future is malleable, and so the future you see will change as you formulate your plans. You can the see the outcome of every potential decision, and then decide on the optimum course of action. According to the press pack, the Tomorrow Windows will bring about world peace and save humanity from every possible disaster. So, of course, someone decides to blow it up. There's always one, isn't there? As the Doctor investigates and unravels the conspiracy, he begins a Gulliver's Travels-esque quest, visiting bizarre worlds and encountering many peculiar and surreal life forms...

The Sleep of Reason

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 70

Martin Day

The latest in a long line of suicide attempts sees Caroline 'Laska' Darnell admitted to the Retreat, a groundbreaking medical center surrounded by woodland. To her horror, she recognizes the Retreat from her recent nightmares of an old building haunted by ghostly dogs with glowing eyes. But who will believe her stories of an evil from the past that has already made one attempt to destroy the building and all its inhabitants? The mysterious Dr. Smith seems curiously aware of the Retreat's past, and is utterly fascinated by Laska's waking dreams and prophetic nightmares. But if Laska is unable to trust her own perceptions, can she trust Dr. Smith?

The Deadstone Memorial

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 71

Trevor Baxendale

There is no such thing as a good night. Maybe, as you fall asleep, you can hide away in dreams. Or so you'd like to think. Because, as every child knows, there are bad dreams. And bad dreams are a glimpse into the real world - where the monsters are. And the things in your nightmares that are worse than monsters: the creeping black memories that can bring fear and pain and blood. Even here, today, tonight ... in the most ordinary of homes, and against the most ordinary people, the terror will strike. An old man will tell his last ghost story... A young family will encounter a deathless horror... And the Doctor and his friends will uncover the terrible secret of the Deadstone Memorial.

To the Slaughter

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 72

Stephen Cole

The solar system is being spring cleaned. Under the supervision of celebrity planetary make-over decoratiste Arisotle Halcyon, the number of moons of Jupiter is being brought down to an aesthetically pleasing level. But with eco-terrorists taking an active - and deadly - interest in the work, corrupt officials lining their own pockets, and incompetence leading to the demolition of the wrong moon, the Doctor and his companions realize that not everything as is aesthetic and innocent as it seems. Will the Doctor be able to stop dangerous experiments in genetic engineering and overturn a clandestine evil plan to conquer the solar system? Will Trix escape from the deadly space sheep? And will Fitz become the galaxy's next megastar designer on the future equivalent of "Changing Planets?"

The Gallifrey Chronicles

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 73

Lance Parkin

The Doctor's home planet of Gallifrey has been destroyed. The Time Lords are dead, their TARDISes annihilated. The man responsible has been tracked down and lured to Earth in the year 2005, where there will be no escape. But Earth has its hands full - a mystery signal is being received from a radio telescope, there's a second moon in the sky, and a primordial alien menace has been unleashed. The stage is set for the ultimate confrontation. Now, the last of the Time Lords must ensure that justice is done. The Doctor and his companions Fitz and Trix will meet their destiny. And this time, the Doctor isn't going to be able to save everybody. This is the last in the continuing series of original adventures of the Eighth Doctor.