The Master and Margarita

Mikhail Bulgakov
The Master and Margarita Cover

The Master and Margarita


The Devil comes to Moscow during the Soviet era in the 1930's, chaos ensues.

A unclassifiable novel part satire, part fantasy, part historical novel at times poignant, funny, ribald, self-referential and philosophical.

The novel divides into three parts Satan and his retinue creating havoc in Soviet Russia, especially among the literary establishment. The relationship of Pontius Pilate with Yeshua Ha-Nozri (Jesus of Nazareth). And finally a unique romance between the unhappily married Margarita and the nameless and persecuted author known as the Master who is writing the account of Yeshua and Pilate.

Unique and wonderful, truly one of those books you should read before etc.