Luna: New Moon

Ian McDonald
Luna: New Moon Cover

Luna: New Moon


This book is written like a television drama, with abrupt scene changes - except that we can't see the change of setting and we can't see that the speakers have changed. I found this occasionally bothersome. I also was annoyed with too many typographical errors in my Kindle edition.

It starts slowly and it continues slowly, a lunar soap opera- The relationships and political intrigues of the Five Dragons- five lunar corporations owned by five powerful families, like mafiosi. There are loves and hatreds, marriages and divorces, and assassination attempts. We follow and get to know the members of one of these families, the Cortas. There are no particular protagonists. One character does appeal to us, Marina -a newly arrived woman from earth, a commoner among the ruling class, a Jo Moonbeam.

This is the first book of a series. I had pretty much decided that I didn't care to continue the story, that book one would be it for me. But then, in the last hundred pages, it picks up the pace. It gets good. It becomes a can't-put-it-down page turner. After a violent climax, it ends, unresolved. We want to know what happens next.