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Ian McDonald

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Ian McDonald

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Full Name: Ian Neil McDonald
Born: March 31, 1960
Manchester, Lancashire, England, UK
Occupation: Writer
Nationality: Scottish Irish


Ian McDonald is the author of Planesrunner, the first book of the Everness series. He has written thirteen science fiction novels—including the 2011 John W. Campbell Memorial Award winner for Best Novel, The Dervish House—and has lost count of the number of stories. He's been nominated for every major science fiction award, and he's even won some. McDonald also works in television and in program development—all those reality shows have to come from somewhere—and has written for screen as well as print. He lives in Northern Ireland, just outside Belfast, and loves to travel. Visit him online at and on Twitter@iannmcdonald.

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 Non Series Works



 1. (1995)
 2. (1998)

 Desolation Road

 1. (1988)
 2. (2001)


 1. (2011)
 2. (2012)
 3. (2014)

 India 2047

 1. (2004)
 2. (2009)


 1. (2015)
 2. (2017)

 Short Fiction


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