The Barsoom Project

Larry Niven, Steven Barnes
The Barsoom Project Cover

The Barsoom Project


I would disagree with readers who thought that this book was science-fantasy. The role-playing equipment is merely meant to enhance the exepience of the people in the game. There is no implication that the role-players are actually "living the dream".

A few of the same characters are continued from Dream Park and turn up again in California Voodoo Game.

I preferred the preceeding novel Dream Park rather better, and I found the sequel California Voodoo Game good also. In my opinion, The Moon Maze (the 4th in the series) was somewhat inferior.

My rating system: I begin with one star being equivalent to a rating of "C -". Progressing upwards, I add ½ star for each step, up to the maximum 5 stars, which is equivalent to a rating of "A"+. I reserve ½ star for BOMBS, there being no option of zero or negative stars.