Stories of Your Life and Others

Ted Chiang
Stories of Your Life and Others Cover

Stories of Your Life and Others


Overall a fascinatingly intelligent set of short stories. Not easy reading, requiring concentration and a willingness to open your mind and research.

Babylon: Gripping if a little unsurprising.

Understand: An interesting but unsatisfying intellectual experiment that I suspect will become more satisfying in retrospect.

Division by Zero: erm, my least favourite, frustrating

Story of Your Life: fascinating intertwining sections, reminiscent of Phillip k Dick. Was also interesting how it had been finessed and added to to make a viable film.

Seventy Two Letters: never has a story made me grab a dictionary so often, which for a story about words is I guess to be expected. A fun combination of a Victorian view of science with some thrilling plotting.

The Evolution Of Human Science: brief but compelling.

Hell Is The Absence Of God: what if angel visitation were natural disasters. A reconceived book of job. Very dramatic and moralistic.

Liking What You See; A Documentary: morally ambiguous, structurally reminding me of Carrie, asking some difficult questions.