The Gone World

Thomas Sweterlitsch
The Gone World Cover

The Gone World


I've seen a number of DNF (did not finish) reviews complaining that this book is overwritten and would have been improved by a strong editorial hand, and I think that's true. However, I found it readable enough that I read the whole thing, and for the most part enjoyed it.

There are some really interesting ideas here. The plot is not wholly original, but I thought that it was reasonably strong. The main character is a flawed but strong woman dealing with horrific challenges. The worldbuilding is good, but the character development is minimal -- this is very much a plot-driven story.

If you're not hooked in the first 50 pages, this book is probably not one you'll enjoy. If it's working for you at that point, it's probably worth finishing.

BUT... what he does to his main character in the ending is so infuriatingly, inexcusably sexist and demeaning that it made me really angry. If he had come up with a better ending, I'd have given the rating another star. It totally ruined the book for me.

Content Warning: There are extensive, detailed descriptions of violence and horrifyingly surreal scenes, including very graphic torture.