Winter World

A. G. Riddle
Winter World Cover

Winter World


A Book entitled Winter World seems like an odd choice for a Summer reading book, but this is a carry over from the Here Comes The Sun challenge. And it really is a bit on the light side even if it is an apocalyptic subject matter. In fact I was looking everywhere to see if this book was a Young Adult read.

As anyone who has more than glanced at my book history can tell, I love YA books, especially well written ones. There have been times when I have found certain YA books much more challenging than adult books. I'm looking and glaring at you Rotters. So calling a YA book is not disparaging, just a label to help future readers. But nope, this is a book made and meant for adults.

The tone and writing style of this book made it feel like it was made for a younger audience. My biggest pet peeve in this book was the short, choppy chapters made oh so popular by James Patterson. Tip to any aspiring author; Unless your book is 900 pages, there should not be triple digit chapters in your book. Now Mr. Riddle does not go quite that far in his writing style, but the feel is the same. Alternating between the two protagonists POV probably has something to do with this phenomena in this particular book, but I'm still not giving it a pass.

I'm not going to go into too much plot points in this review except to say I found the body count in this novel to be quite unrealistic. And that might be ultimately why this book was not a complete success for me, and why I'm not sure if I will bother going forward with this series.

This was a 2.5 star book for me.