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Winter World

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Winter World

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Author: A. G. Riddle
Publisher: Head of Zeus, 2019
Self-Published, 2019
Series: The Long Winter: Book 1

1. Winter World
2. The Solar War
3. The Lost Colony

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
Sub-Genre Tags: First Contact
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In the near future, a new ice age has begun.

Humanity stands on the brink of extinction.

Desperate for answers, scientists send probes into the solar system to take readings. Near Mars, a probe spots a mysterious object drifting toward the Sun. Is it the cause of the ice age? Or could it be our only hope of survival?

With time running out, NASA launches an international mission to make contact with the object. But it isn't what anyone thought. In the dark of space, alone, the team makes a shocking discovery that will change the course of human history--and possibly end it.


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Winter World

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