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About Worlds Without End

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions that we've had in the past. If you have a question that isn't covered here, please drop us a line in the Forums or the Contact Us page, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

 What is Worlds Without End?

Worlds Without End is a fan web site, and a growing online community, dedicated to identifying, reading and sharing the best Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror books the genre has to offer. We don't want you to ever have to read a bad book again.

 What awards does WWEnd cover?
 Is Worlds Without End going to cover any other awards?

Yes. We plan to continue expanding our awards base until we run out of significant best novel awards to cover.

 What other awards do you plan to cover?

Currently we have the Ditmar and James Tiptree awards, among others, on our radar.

 What about foreign language books and awards? There are many excellent books in Polish, Russian, Japanese etc. that you are overlooking....

As a practical matter the WWEnd team members only speak English, as do better than 99% of our visitors. Add to that the dismal availability of foreign language books in the US - even in translation. We'll be sticking with awards and books in our native tongue for the forseeable future.

 Does Worlds Without End only cover award winning or nominated books?

No. When we started WWEnd we restricted ourselves to only winners and noms to set our foundation but since then we've expanded into "best of" lists and we're putting in books requested by our members.

 What "best of" book lists does WWEnd cover?

In our quest to bring you the best books in Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror we've expanded our database to include the best SF/F/H book lists out there. We'll be bringing you new lists from time to time so you'll never run out of books to read. If you're a member you can follow along with BookTrackr™ and see how you match up.

 Why does Worlds Without End focus on the awards so much? Many fine books never even get nominated....

The awards we cover form the backbone of the WWEnd database. They offer a broad cross section of where the genre has been and where it's going. They show us what was considered the best, or at least most widely read, of the genre at the time and give us a glimpse into years gone by. But they are more than just an historical record. They're a useful tool to help you find great science fiction, fantasy and horror. They can lead you to try new books and authors - some you may never have heard of before, some you may have forgotten. They bring to light new up-and-coming authors you may never have found otherwise.

Of course the awards are not without their controversies and detractors. Determining "the best" in any art where personal taste is so subjective is always going to create controversy. Every award has it's pros and cons. Selection process, qualification criteria, voting procedures, regional biases, author celebrity plus many other factors can affect the outcome of any given award. They are as flawed as the passionate people who run and participate in them. That does not mean they are without merit... just that their inherent limitations have to be kept in mind.

By covering many different awards we hope to mitigate some of these issues. We don't suggest that anyone ONLY read the award nominated books forsaking all others. We hope that visitors to WWEnd will use the awards as a tool to find new books and authors to read just as they use book reviews from trusted sources, recommendations from friends, gut instinct and whatever other tools they would normally employ when book hunting.

We consider the awards a great jumping off point that will give you a better than average shot at finding a good read. Maybe even a great read.

 Why is my favorite author not in your database? What kind of site are you running here?!

This is one of the most asked questions we get, often in angry or accusatory tones. The simple answer is that we have just not gotten around to them yet. That's it. There's no conspiracy to defraud your favorite of their rightful place in the annals of SF/F/H.

We have recruited a handful of Uber Users to help us expand our database. If your favorite author is missing drop us a note in the forums with your request and someone will jump on it pretty darn quick.

 My favorite author "Author Name" is on your site but you only have "X" of his/her books. Where are the rest of his/her books?

Just as with the authors we simply have not gotten around to all the books yet. We're working on it.

If there is a specific book by one of our authors that you'd like us to include in the the database just let us know and we'll get it added. Hit us up in the forums or shoot us an email.

 Some of your data seems to be incorrect or incomplete. What gives?

The data contained within WWEnd is as accurate as we can make it given our limited resources. We make every effort to ensure our content is correct but we acknowledge that there are inevitable errors.

Our awards listings are very accurate as that data is relatively easy to come by online. Many authors provide press kit information on their web sites like bios and pictures etc. that we'll use here. We won't use information that is outside the public domain without permission and getting permission is time consuming and laborious thus the many holes in our author data. The same issue exists for our novels. Synopses are public domain and most times freely available online but many publishers/authors do not wish to share excerpts so we don't always have those.

Some things like publication information are notoriously hard to fathom. Some instances that have caused confusion for us thus far:

  • The same novel can be published in multiple years by multiple publishers or imprints in multiple countries.
  • Some books get different titles in different countries.
  • Books get published out of narrative sequence or the author will come back ten years later to insert a new volume into a now seven book trilogy.
  • Some series are listed in publication order, some in chronological order according to the narrative and some with the author's preferred reading order.
  • A publishing house will have separate and distinct imprints for different books in different countries or will combine with other publishers to distribute different books under a joint name.

We are always working to make our content more complete and accurate and we encourage our visitors/members to point out any errors they find and to contribute new content where possible.

 What is BookTrackr™ and how does it work?

BookTrackr™ is a WWEnd member's only feature that helps you track the books you've read or want to read. See the BookTrackr™ page for complete details on how it works.

 What can I do to help Worlds Without End?

This is a great question! There are many things you can do to help Worlds Without End improve and grow. As a general answer: Get involved! Sign up, post in the blog or the forums, contribute a book review, tell you friends about us, link to us etc. For more specifics see our Support WWEnd page. Worlds Without End is only as good as our members make it. It's through YOUR participation and contributions that we'll be able to grow and prosper.