The Star Ghost

Brad Strickland
The Star Ghost Cover

The Star Ghost

Cate Rinteln

An engaging and amusing Star Trek DS9 story aimed at younger readers, probably around primary school age, but is still an enjoyable book for the young of heart too.

The story follows Jake and Nog (I adore Nog, he's one of my all time favourite characters), who discover that Molly's imaginary friend may not be just a figment of her imagination after all! Indeed, Nog becomes convinced that there is a 'Ferengest' which is a manifestation of an ancestral spirit roaming around Deep Space Nine.

However, this spectre may not be as ghostly as first envisioned, and the two friends quickly find themselves embroiled in something far greater and perhaps far deadlier than they realised!

I enjoyed this one, and it actually had a great deal of depth to it in places with some thoughful musings on life and existence which were a pleasure to read. Also, as the story revolves around Jake and Nog it felt refreshing to have a childs eye view if you like, and I just adored the interaction between Odo and Nog!