Memories of Ice

Steven Erikson
Memories of Ice Cover

Memories of Ice


Incredible. It is a shame that this series doesn't get the recognition it deserves, since it is among the finest examples of fantasy literature written (if not itself the epitome). It is very complicated and intricate in both characterization and plot --perhaps that is the reason why it is not beloved as much as LOTR, etc.? -- but I think those aspects define its greatness. Over 1,000 pages, but very tightly written -- there are no flowery or overly descriptive passages to muddle through.

This 3rd installment is particularly satisfying because it ties together and resolves some of the events of its predecessors. But its only the 3rd of 10 books, so it lays more foundations for what is to come.

Whiskeyjack and Korlat; the journey of the Mhybe; Itkovian and his sacrifice; Toc the Younger; the true power of Quick Ben. And the unforgettable Kruppe.