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Steven Erikson

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Steven Erikson

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Full Name: Steve Rune Lundin
Born: October 7, 1959
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Occupation: Writer
Nationality: Canadian


Steven Erikson was born in Toronto, grew up in Winnipeg, then lived in the UK for a number of years with his wife and son. They have since returned to Winnipeg. He worked for nearly twenty years as an anthropologist and archaeologist, as well as being a graduate of the Iowa Writer's Workshop.

His debut fantasy novel, Gardens of the Moon, has been acclaimed for its combination of originality and intelligent, strong and exciting storytelling, singling out its author as a writer destined to rank alongside Steven R. Donaldson, George R.R. Martin, and Robert Jordan among the giants of the genre.

Works in the WWEnd Database

 Non Series Works


 Kharkanas Trilogy

 1. (2012)
 2. (2016)

 The Malazan Book of the Fallen

 1. (1999)
 2. (2000)
 3. (2001)
 4. (2002)
 5. (2004)
 6. (2006)
 7. (2007)
 8. (2008)
 9. (2009)
 10. (2011)

 Willful Child

 1. (2014)
 2. (2016)
 3. (2018)

 Short Fiction


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