Bill the Galactic Hero

Harry Harrison
Bill the Galactic Hero Cover

Bill the Galactic Hero


A teacher at my primary school - who introduced me to New Writings in SF, and Theodore Sturgeon - told me this was the best book she had ever read, and pressed it on me. I thought so too, very quickly: what's not to like? Humour, military adventure, a colour-mismatched replacement arm put on the wrong way round (so he knocks himself out while saluting)... exactly what an 11-yr-old needs!

This 58-yr-old is a little more jaundiced, but still - this is a REALLY funny, satirical, well-structured book that is still eminently readable. As an adult, you pick up on the satire better - but I'd still recommend it for nerdy 11-yr-olds!

And still a good kid's introduction to SF.