Kameron Hurley
Infidel Cover



A return to the gritty noir planet of God's World

Note: Some books which are part of a trilogy can be read as standalone novels. However, to truly enjoy this novel, I would recommend first having read its predecessor, God's War (the final book in the trilogy is Rapture).

The story picks up 6 years after the events of God's War. Nyx, a disgraced ex-Bel Dame, is trying to eke out a living as the bodyguard for a diplomat's daughter with the assistance of her new team, which includes a shifter and a weapons expert -- but is lacking the all-important magician for communications and healing work. This lack becomes more dire when she fights off some Bel Dame assassins and then collapses from the sudden onset of an undiagnosed, highly-debilitating illness.

The war is still going on, but there is a new threat to Nyx's home country of Nasheen: a rogue group of Bel Dames is set on assassinating the Queen and taking control. Not knowing which of the Bel Dames she can trust, the Queen tasks Nyx -- who, having been excommunicated by the Bel Dames, no longer has a personal loyalty to the group -- with identifying and permanently eliminating the rebels...

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