The Positronic Man

Robert Silverberg, Isaac Asimov
The Positronic Man Cover

The Positronic Man


A rewrite of the execellent Hugo-award-winning novella The Bicentennial Man by Isaac Asimov.

The novel is good, but much less powerful than the original. There are also two other "collaborations novels" between Issac Asimov and Robert Silverberg - Nightfall and The Ugly Little Boy. In each case, the original story by Asimov is a masterpiece, and the novel is significantly inferior. One suspects that these novels were are all essentially written by Silverberg, in the stye of Asimov, as the good doctor's health was quite fragile by the time these books were written.

If you want great Asimov - read Asimov. If you want great Siverberg - read Silverberg. Avoid the alloys!

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