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Rhys Hughes

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Rhys Hughes

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Full Name: Rhys Hughes
Born: September 24, 1966
Cardiff, Wales
Nationality: Welsh


(From the author's website)

I am a writer of Fantasy and Magic Realism who often uses comedy and absurdism to examine philosophical issues. I am known for my original ideas, intricate plots and entertaining wordplay! I write short stories, novellas and novels. To a lesser extent I write poetry and non-fiction. I sometimes say that writing is the only thing I'm good at. I try to make that sound like a joke, but I don't think it is... I really am mediocre at most things, but my passion for writing keeps growing stronger!

I have been a writer from an early age. I completed my first proper short story when I was 14. It was called 'The Journey of Mountain Hawk' and I still remember what it was about, even though it no longer exists. None of my early work exists. My earliest survivingshort story dates from 1989, and since that time I have embarked on an ambitious project of writing a story cycle consisting of exactly 1000 linked tales. Recently I decided to give this cycle an overall name -- PANDORA'S BLUFF.

In the weeks that follow I will discuss this story cycle in greater detail. I will also talk about three key elements that are essential to an understanding of what I am attempting to do in the world of literature. These key elements are:


Thank you for listening!

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