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Algis Budrys

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Algis Budrys

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Full Name: Algirdas Jonas Budrys
Born: January 9, 1931
Königsberg, East Prussia, Germany
Died: June 9, 2008
Evanston, Illinois, USA
Occupation: Writer, Editor, Critic
Nationality: Lithuanian American


Algis Budrys is Lithuanian for Gordon John Sentry, more or less. (He made a deal with his mother not to change his name.) He is the author of ten novels, three short story collections, and five non-fiction works. He has taught at Columbia (Chicago), Harvard, Brigham Young University, CalTech, the Charles Dickens House in London, Pepperdine University, the Taos experimental Writers of the Future workshop, and the Library of Congress, to name a few, as well as several annual workshops in Moscow, Idaho. He is the editor and publisher of Tomorrow Speculative Fiction magazine.

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