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Max Gladstone

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Max Gladstone

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Full Name: Max Gladstone
Born: May 28, 1984
Occupation: Writer, Editor, Educator
Nationality: American


Max Gladstone is an American fantasy writer. He is a graduate of Yale University, where he studied Chinese, Chan poetry and late Ming dynasty fantasy. He has worked in China, including as a teacher in a rural area of Anhui for two years.

He speaks Chinese, can embarrass himself reading Latin, and is a martial artist, fencer, and fiddler. He's also worked as a researcher for the Berkman Center for Internet and Policy Law, a tour guide for the Swiss Embassy, a go-between for a suspicious Chinese auto magazine, a translator for visiting Chinese schoolteachers, a Chinese philosophy TA, a tech industry analyst, and an editor. He has wrecked a bicycle in Angkor Wat, sung at Carnegie Hall, and been thrown from a horse in Mongolia.

Gladstone was nominated for the 2012 John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer.

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