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Sara Douglass

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Sara Douglass

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Full Name: Sara Warneke
Born: June 2, 1957
Penola, South Australia, Australia
Died: September 27, 2011
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Nationality: Australian


Douglass was born in Penola, South Australia. She attended Annesley College, in Wayville, a suburb of Adelaide. She studied for her BA while working as a Registered Nurse, and later completed her PhD in early modern English History. She became a lecturer in medieval history at La Trobe University, Bendigo. While there she completed her first novel, BattleAxe, which launched her as a popular fantasy author in Australia, and later as an international success. In 2008, Douglass was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She underwent treatment, but in late 2010 the cancer returned. She died on 27 September 2011, aged 54.

Works in the WWEnd Database

 Non Series Works


 Axis Trilogy

 1. (1995)
 2. (1996)
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 The Crucible

 1. (2000)
 2. (2001)
 3. (2002)

 Darkglass Mountain

 1. (2007)
 2. (2008)
 3. (2010)

 The Troy Game

 1. (2002)
 2. (2004)
 3. (2005)
 4. (2006)

 The Wayfarer Redemption

 1. (1997)
 2. (1998)
 3. (1999)


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