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John Gwynne

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John Gwynne

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Full Name: John Gwynne
Born: September 21, 1968
Nationality: UK


I was born in Singapore while my dad was stationed there in the RAF. Up until he retired that meant a lot of traveling around, generally a move every three years or so.

I live with my wife and four wonderful (and demanding) children in East Sussex. Also three dogs, two of which will chew anything that stands still. I have had many strange and wonderful jobs, including packing soap in a soap factory, waitering in a french restaurant in Canada, playing double bass in a rock n roll band, and lecturing at Brighton University.

I stepped out of university work due to my daughter's disability, so now I split my time caring for her and working from home - I work with my wife rejuvenating vintage furniture, which means fixing, lifting, carrying, painting and generally doing what my wife tells me to do...

And somehow during this time I started writing. I've always told my children stories at bed-time, and they pestered long and hard for me to write some of it down. At the same time I felt that my brain was switching off a little - vintage furniture is my wife's passion, whereas my passions are geekier!

That's how The Banished Lands and Malice began, though along the way it became more than just a hobby. I'm still in shock that it is actually a real book, rather than just pages on my desk.

So far two books of a planned four have been published in the Faithful and the Fallen series - Malice and Valor. Malice, to my immense surprise and joy, won the David Gemmell Morningstar Award for Best Debut Fantasy of 2012.

You can find me online at

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