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Colin Brake

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Colin Brake

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Full Name: Colin Brake
Born: January 1, 1962
Occupation: Writer, Script Editor
Nationality: British


Colin Brake (born 1962) is an English television writer and script editor best known for his work for the BBC on programs such as Bugs and EastEnders. He has also written spin-offs from the BBC series Doctor Who. He currently lives and works in Leicester.

Works in the WWEnd Database

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 12. (2006)
 31. (2009)

 Doctor Who: Decide Your Destiny

 1. (2007)
 3. (2007)
 8. (2007)
 9. (2008)
 14. (2010)

 Doctor Who: The Darksmith Legacy

 2. (2009)

 Eighth Doctor Adventures

 42. (2001)

 Past Doctor Adventures

 61. (2003)