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George Clayton Johnson

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George Clayton Johnson

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Full Name: George Clayton Johnson
Born: July 10, 1929
Cheyenne, Wy
Died: December 25, 2015
Occupation: Author, Screenwriter
Nationality: American


George Clayton Johnson is an American science fiction writer most famous for co-writing the novel Logan's Run with William F. Nolan.

He was also known for his television scripts for The Twilight Zone (including "Nothing in the Dark", "Kick the Can", "A Game of Pool", and "A Penny for Your Thoughts"), and the first telecast episode of Star Trek, entitled "The Man Trap".He also wrote the story on which the 1960 and 2001 films Ocean's Eleven were based.

Johnson married Lola Brownstein on October 10, 1952 in Los Angeles, and fathered two children, Paul and Judy. He was a vocal advocate for the legalization of marijuana. Along with his writing output, Johnson was instrumental to the early development of San Diego Comic Con. He was also a longtime vegetarian.

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 Logan's Run

 1. (1967)