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J. Gregory Keyes

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J. Gregory Keyes

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Full Name: J. Gregory Keyes
Born: April 11, 1963
Meridian, Mississippi, USA
Occupation: Writer
Nationality: American


J. Gregory Keyes also writes under the pen name of Greg Keyes

Born in Meridian, MS, in 1963, Greg Keyes spent his early years roaming the forests of his native state and the red rock cliffs of the Navajo Indian reservation in Arizona. He earned his B.A. in anthropology from Mississippi State University and a master's degree from the University of Georgia, where he did course work for a Ph.D.

Keyes lives in Savannah, GA, where, in addition to full-time writing, he enjoys cooking, fencing, the company of his family and friends and lazy Savannah nights. Greg is the author of The Waterborn, The Blackgod, the Babylon 5 Psi Corps trilogy, the Age of Unreason tetrology (for which he won the prestigious "Le Grand Prix de l'Imaginaire" award), and three New York Times bestselling Star Wars novels in the New Jedi Order series.

Works in the WWEnd Database

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 Age of Unreason

 1. (1998)
 2. (1999)
 3. (2000)
 4. (2001)

 Babylon 5: The Psi Corps Trilogy

 1. (1988)
 2. (1999)
 3. (1999)

 Children of the Changeling

 1. (1996)
 2. (1997)

 Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

 1. (2014)

 Independence Day

 4. (2016)