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Daniel Blythe

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Daniel Blythe

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Full Name: Daniel Blythe
Occupation: Writer
Nationality: English


Daniel Blythe is a British author, who was born in Maidstone in 1969 and studied Modern Languages at St John's College, Oxford. After several years writing stories for the small press, Blythe began his professional writing for the Virgin New Adventures series of Doctor Who novels, and very soon moved on to have his own original work published.

In 1998, Penguin Books published Blythe's literary thriller The Cut, the controversial story of a young woman's alienation manifesting itself in crime and violence. The Cut was followed by Losing Faith, a dark mystery in which an unnamed narrator tries to discover the truth behind his mercurial girlfriend's death. Blythe's work brought him critical acclaim from such diverse sources as The Times, which described him as 'a sharp, observant, energetic writer with a nimble sense of language', New Woman magazine, which called him 'definitely an author to be watched', and Maxim magazine, which made The Cut one of its 'Books of the Month'.

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