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Stephen Leigh

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Stephen Leigh

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Full Name: Stephen Walter Leigh
Born: February 27, 1951
Cincinatti, Ohio, USA
Occupation: Writer
Nationality: American


Stephen Leigh also writes under the pen name of S. L. Farrell

Stephen Leigh has been writing science fiction since he was in grade school. His first professional sale was in 1975 (to Ben Bova, then the editor of Analog Science Fiction Magazine) and has been publishing regularly ever since then, both with short fiction and novels. His first novel, SLOW FALL TO DAWN, was published in 1981.

He has been nominated for and won several awards for his fiction over the years. He's written several stories for the WIILD CARDS shared world universe (edited by George RR Martin). He has written and published the occasional poems and non-fiction pieces, as well.

Steve teaches Creative Writing at Northern Kentucky University in the Greater Cincinnati area, where he is a Lecturer. He teaches both graduate and undergraduate classes, including Intro to Creative Writing, Fiction Writing, Novel Writing (I & II, and Graduate), Prose Writing (Graduate), Creative Non-Fiction, and Understanding Literature (Science Fiction & Fantasy)

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