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Mil Clayton

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Mil Clayton

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Full Name: Mil Clayton
Born: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Occupation: Writer
Nationality: Australian


I was born in the safety of the 70s, during the time of badly flared pants and alarmingly coloured kitchen bench tops and bean bags. I lived in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne until the early 80s. From there, we moved to the Yarra Valley, something that I cursed my mother for in my teenage years. There was absolutely nothing for miles, and you really needed a car to get to anything if you were to get there within a reasonable length of time, of say, an hour rather than walking for a week.

Of course, it wasn't until my early 20s, after I had moved out of home for two years and had actually started living my life that I realised that I had actually grown up in the heart of vineyard country. Bless.

Growing up on the farm, however, was where it all started. It wouldn't have been unusual to find me running bare foot through the paddocks, ignoring the mud and the warmth of freshly dropped cow dung, and hiding myself away in the rafters of the hay shed with my dog. Or wandering amongst the tombstones of the local cemetery, trying to convince the local lads that I was fearless, and hence earning their respect and being the only girl in the group.

I finally found my true place after I left home and discovered other like minded people - people who liked the music I enjoyed, and the clothes that I wore, and the fact that I never, ever seemed to tan.

Since moving from Melbourne, Victoria, to Brisbane, Queensland, (ironic, I know, hence the lack of tanning thing) I have discovered a strong interest with lizards, and in particular geckos. I now breed native Australian geckos as a hobby and have a small but ever growing collection in my lounge room.

Travel has become a big part of my life. I have walked upon the Great Wall of China, patted sacred snakes in a cave in Indonesia, climbed the steep steps of Aztec Pyramids in Mexico, skiied the summit of Whistler in Canada, touched the tortured spirits of 'witch' prisoners in Salem, felt ghosts in the streets of New Orleans, and I once had an assault rifle jammed into my ribs on the streets of Egypt.

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