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Terry Dowling

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Terry Dowling

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Full Name: Terence William Dowling
Born: March 21, 1947
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Occupation: Writer, Editor, Journalist
Nationality: Australian


Terence William (Terry) Dowling is an Australian writer, freelance journalist, award-winning critic, editor, game designer and reviewer. He writes primarily speculative fiction and dark fantasy though he considers himself an "imagier"--one who imagines, a term which liberates his writing from the constraints of specific genres. He has been called "among the best-loved local writers and most-awarded in and out of Australia, a writer who stubbornly hews his own path (one mapped ahead, it is true, by Cordwainer Smith, J.G. Ballard and Jack Vance)."

He has been Guest of Honour at several Australian science fiction conventions (and regularly tutors workshops on fantasy writing. He was a panellist and presenter at Aussiecon 4 (68th Worldcon) in 2010.

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