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Emma Tom

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Emma Tom

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Full Name: Emma Jane Tom
Occupation: Writer
Nationality: Australian



Emma Alice Jane was born Emma Jane Tom in November 1969 and grew up in the unfashionable western suburbs of Sydney followed by the slightly more fashionable rural suburban haven of coastal New South Wales.

EJ has worked for the print media since 1988. That was the year she got a cadetship onThe Northern Star newspaper in Lismore despite wearing unforgivably large earrings and forgetting the name of Australia's foreign minister during the interview. Her first big break in journalism occurred when a triple murderer wrote to her from jail saying he liked her work. He thought the piece she'd written on his recapture after a jail break was particularly commendable - then offered to give her some clues about where he'd stashed the bodies.

Emma A. Jane now lives in Sydney and can often be found working in a home office that contains an embarrassment of thesauruses, a wild-eyed seven-year-old, and a small dog. She is a big fan of homosexual penguins, the surreal subject lines of spam e-mails, cattle dogs that look like they're wearing eyeliner and toddlers who call her "bum bum poo head" at the park. In her spare time, she eats from dodgy Sydney curry houses and gazes adoringly at her tearaway daughter.

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