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Marly Youmans

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Marly Youmans

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Full Name: Marly Youmans
Born: November 22, 1953
Aikens, South Carolina
Occupation: Author, Poet
Nationality: American


Marly's parents came from Georgia, and she was born over the state line in Aiken, South Carolina. Growing up, she lived in many places but favorites were the Carolinas, plus Gramercy and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. In Gramercy she spoke Cajun French (which, alas, she has forgotten), fished, wore live green-and-pink lizard earrings, and grew a magical garden that grew into the trees--fed by sugar slag from the local refinery where her father was a chemist. When she lived up north, her teacher thought that she must be mentally defective, a drawl indicating some general torpor in thought processes!

The place where she has had the longest ties is Cullowhee, North Carolina, where her mother and father retired from Western Carolina University as Head of Serials at Hunter Library and Professor of Analytical Chemistry; she still visits at least twice a year. Currently she lives in New York, a place that is a bit like the Snow Queen's palace: too cold for mortals and, although still on the Appalachian spine, too far away from the Carolinas. Marly is married (of course--why else would she be living in a Yankee snow drift?) and the mother of two sons and a daughter; she writes when she is not ferrying children.

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