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Gary Kemble

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Gary Kemble

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Full Name: Gary Kemble
Born: February 23, 1975
Margate, England, UK
Occupation: Writer, Journalist
Nationality: Australian British


Gary Kemble is an Australian writer, journalist and blogger who wrote, illustrated and self-published his first story (Back from the Grave) at the age of eight. While he identifies himself as a horror writer (or, more broadly, a speculative fiction writer) he's had a variety of stories published, including literary, romance and thriller. Kemble admits a love of horror - zombies in particular - and says that he identifies with the 'outsider' status that comes with focusing his writing on the dark side.

Kemble's short fiction and non-fiction has been published in magazines, anthologies and online in Australia, the US and the UK. His zombie schlockfest short story "Dead Air" was picked up by Australian Dark Fantasy and Horror, and received an honourable mention in The 21st Years Best Fantasy and Horror.

As a journalist for ABC News Online, Kemble's roving brief includes coordinating ABC News's social media strategy. In 2005, he helped establish Articulate, the ABC's arts weblog, and was an active contributor covering the speculative fiction beat until its demise in 2010. Kemble has blogged media coverage of SFF conventions, including Conjure 2006 and AussieCon 4 (Worldcon 2010).

Kemble's writing has won the One Book Many Brisbanes competition twice, and his coverage of speculative fiction in both Articulate and ABC News Online has been twice nominated for the Ditmar Award for Professional Achievement. He has served on the judging panel for the Australian Shadows (Horror) Award, and received a grant from the Australian Council for the Arts to support the writing of his first novel.

Born in England and raised in Brisbane, Kemble lives on a farm in Scotland with his wife, kids, and a camera-shy weasel.

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