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Troy Denning

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Troy Denning

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Full Name: Troy Denning
Born: October 8, 1958
Occupation: Author, Game Designer
Nationality: American


Also writes under the name Richard Awlinson, a TSR house name.

Troy Denning is a fantasy and science fiction author and game designer who has written more than two dozen novels. The majority of his published writing has been fiction set in the Dungeons and Dragons settings of Dark Sun and Forgotten Realms. He has also written Star Wars novels. He has worked at TSR, Mayfair and Pacesetter in game design.

Denning grew up in the mountain town of Idaho Springs, Colorado. An avid reader of science fiction and fantasy, he began writing himself at the age of fourteen in 80-page spiral-bound notebooks, and began to collect the usual quantity of rejection slips. Around his eighteenth birthday, he received a rejection slip from editor Ben Bova, but one with a signature and a handwritten note thanking him for the submission. Heartened, Denning continued to write as he attended Beloit College, where he also played on their Division III football team.

Denning lives in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin with his wife Andria. He enjoys many hobbies, including skiing, hiking, mountain-climbing, and Kyuki-do -- a form of tae-kwan-do incorporating judo, boxing, and hapki-do.

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