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Elaine Cunningham

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Elaine Cunningham

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Full Name: Elaine Cunningham
Born: August 12, 1957
New York City, New York, USA
Occupation: Writer
Nationality: American


I'm a former music and history teacher, and over the years I have played, with varying degrees of proficiency, the piano, classical guitar, lute, Renaissance recorder, Irish whistle, fiddle, Celtic harp, bass viol, and, way back in high school, mallet percussion. I still putter a bit with music-singing, playing the harp, attending concerts. Folklore and mythology have been lifelong interests, and I'm also a history geek who would probably write biographies and historical fiction if I could stop researching long enough to get on with the writing. So, perhaps not surprisingly, I'm particularly drawn to characters who are bards, musicians, lore masters, or storytellers of some sort.

in 1990, I answered a teeny little ad in the back of Writers Digest magazine, an open call for a new series of novels in a fantasy setting called the Forgotten Realms. I called the number given, talked to managing editorMary Kirchoff, and bought all the novels and game products she recommended. Back then, there weren't many. I read the contents of the Old Gray Boxed Set several times and fell in love with Ed Greenwood's world. Two novels in particular, The Crystal Shard (R.A. Salvatore) and Azure Bonds (Jeff Grubb and Kate Novak), made me want to play in this sandbox. So I wrote the proposal for what became Elfshadow, my first published book.

I've been married to my long-suffering high school sweetheart for over three decades. We have two adult sons and one terrific daughter-in-law.

People who are interested in odd anecdotes and selected bits of personal info are invited to join my facebook friends list and follow me on twitter.

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