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Tim Sullivan

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Tim Sullivan

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Full Name: Timothy Robert Sullivan
Born: June 9, 1948
Bangor, Maine, USA
Occupation: Writer, Editor, Actor
Nationality: American


Tim Sullivan attended John Bapst Regional High School in Bangor, Maine (the same school from which Tabitha Bruce, Stephen King's wife, graduated).

Earning a degree in literature from Florida Atlantic University, he moved to southern California in 1988, where he lived for the next twelve years, and edited a horror anthology for Avon Books, Tropical Chills (1988). He also published his first novel, Destiny's End, in 1988. This science fiction novel was followed by The Parasite War in 1989, The Martian Viking in 1991, and Lords of Creation in 1992, and another horror anthology, Cold Shocks (Avon, 1991), among other books.

Sullivan began his career in film by starring in Somtow Sucharitkul's The Laughing Dead (1989), in a charged performance as Father O'Sullivan, who becomes possessed by a Mayan god of death. Throughout the 1990s he scripted and acted in several micro-budget science fiction and horror movies, most notably Twilight of the Dogs (1995) and Hollywood Mortuary (1998), galvanating the delightful script by Ron Ford as actor-turned-zombie Pratt Borokov, a thinly disguised Boris Karloff.

In 2000, Sullivan left Hollywood for South Florida. In 2003, he moved in to live with librarian/science fiction critic Fiona Kelleghan in South Miami, Florida, where he continues to write fiction.

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