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Diana Pharaoh Francis

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Diana Pharaoh Francis

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Full Name: Diana Pharaoh Francis
Occupation: Writer, Teacher
Nationality: American


Diana Pharaoh Francis is an American fantasy author and professor. She grew up on a cattle ranch near Lincoln in Northern California. At the age of six, she learned how to ride, and when not riding her horses bareback, she was an avid reader. Francis earned a BA from the University of California, Davis and an MA from Iowa State University, both in creative writing, and a PhD from Ball State University in literature and literary theory. Her thesis focused on pre-civil war era women novelists (1858-1865) and their portrayal of women. She then linked that to British post-colonial theory of controlling native populations in their colonies.

Francis taught literature and writing for fourteen years at the University of Montana-Western, gaining tenure and becoming a full professor. While in Montana, she and her husband had a son Q-ball, and a daughter, Princess Caesar. They currently live in Oregon where the winters are much warmer and much more green, and growing things is a lot easier.

Francis has a fascination for the Victorians, weather, geology, horses, plants and mythology; she likes spicy food, chocolate and cheesecake; and she has an odd and morbid sense of humor. (Or so she's been told. Often.) Incidentally, the Pharaoh is in fact her real name, and oddly enough, is of British origin.

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