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Robert E. Vardeman

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Robert E. Vardeman

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Full Name: Robert E. Vardeman
Occupation: Writer


Robert E. Vardeman is the author of more than 100 fantasy and science fiction novels, as well as numerous westerns under various pen names (Jackson Lowry, Karl Lassiter). F&SF titles include the fantasy Dark Legacy (Magic: The Gathering tie-in) and sf novel Ruins of Power (Battletech: Mechwarrior tie-in). The reprint of his Star Frontier trilogy from Zumaya Publications was launched with Alien Death Fleet and Genetic Menace. Black Nebula will be published soon. The Infinity Plague, the first book of the Biowarriors series, recently has been published for the Kindle.

Fantasy work included the novelization of Sony Playstation videogame God of War 1 (co-authored with Matt Stover) and the forthcoming God of War 2. All nine titles in the Swords of Raemllyn series will be published in Kindle format. Look for the fantasy pirate short story, "The Coins of Darkun," in the collection Pirates of the Blue Kingdoms.

In addition to short stories for the Kindle, his collection Stories from Desert Bob's Reptile Ranch covers almost thirty years of writing.

Editorial work includes Career Guide to Your Job in Hell and the spectacular anthology, co-edited with Joan Spici Saberhagen, Golden Reflections.

Vardeman is a longtime resident of Albuquerque, New Mexico, graduating from the University of New Mexico with a B.S. in physics and a M.S. in materials engineering. He worked for Sandia National Laboratories in the Solid State Physics Research Department before becoming a full time writer.

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