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Ernest G. Henham

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Ernest G. Henham

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Full Name: Thomas Ernest George Henham
Born: December 14, 1870
Lower Norwood, Surrey, England, UK
Died: April 3, 1948
Ferndown, Dorset, England, UK
Occupation: Writer
Nationality: Canadian British


Ernest George Henham was a Canadian-British author who wrote novels at the beginning of the 20th Century about Dartmoor and Devon, England. He also published literary works under the pseudonym John Trevena.

Ernest G. Henham was born in 1870 and his writings include a series of novels based on Dartmoor, the moorland in Devon, England, where he lived much of his life. He created a pseudonym, John Trevena, for many of his books. It was probably no coincidence that the surname he chose was the original name for Tintagel, the legendary location of King Arthur's castle.

Henham wrote more than two dozen books, which were published between 1897 and 1927. He was considered a recluse, but often used people he encountered in real life for the characters in his work. In addition to the United Kingdom, his books were also published in the United States. The New York Times reviewed his books twice, on 21 March 1908 and 23 August 1914. He is perhaps best known for his trilogy: Furze the Cruel, Heather and Granite.

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