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Louise Carey

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Louise Carey

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Full Name: Louise Carey
Nationality: UK


Louise Carey was born in 1992 and plans to live forever, scientific advances permitting. She loves all things sci-fi, fantasy and horror, but also has a penchant for medieval lays, carried over from her days as an English Lit student. She currently lives in Oxford with her partner and a growing pile of paperwork which daily threatens to consume their flat.

She co-wrote 'The City of Silk and Steel' (US & Canadian title 'Steel Seraglio') and 'The House of War and Witness' with her parents, Linda and Mike Carey. Other publishing credits include the graphic novel 'Confessions of a Blabbermouth', which she co-wrote with Mike, and 'The Diary of a London Schoolgirl' for the website of the London Metropolitan Archive.

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