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Lisanne Norman

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Lisanne Norman

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Full Name: Lisanne Norman
Born: February 15, 1951
Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Occupation: Writer
Nationality: Scottish


Origianlly trained as a teacher, Lisanne used to obsorb as many as 8 books a week (on top of her teaching duties), but has cut back since current readings seem to overtly influence her writing.

Lisanne writes:

"Strong-willed, independent, a whirlwind, a dreamer, she lives in another world." These phrases followed me around from my earliest days. They were partly right: I had grander plans than a world, though, I was all ready creating the universe of the Sholan Alliance, where magic, Warriors, and science all co-exist.

Following my dreams, and the sun, I moved to the USA in 2004. I am owned by my son, and 2 cats, Anubis and Ripley, and live in Southern California.

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